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Dirt Bike Thief Tries Selling My Bike
PhilTheThrill — Published 9 months ago
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The dirt bike thief that stole my cash tries selling my dirt bike that I paid for. I found it on craigslist and I found him. He tries to pull a knife on me but I don't let him.


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PhilTheThrill For everyone who is wondering why I left my truck behind:
I was really nervous after this happened, so I thought that I had left the doors locked. If I wanted to load the bike in the back of my truck I couldn't, I was all alone, and the bike is a 250cc (very heavy). My instinct was to ride home, which is only less than a mile away, and then go back to grab my truck. If you watched the whole video until the end you will see that I actually went back to retrieve my truck. 4:41

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mb421 Looks like a plain white tease
Nick Netz
Nick Netz That was an airsoft revolver. You can tell because the casings has holes in the end for the 6mm bbs
adam christopher
adam christopher Clickbait BS.
Mia Barkauskaite
Mia Barkauskaite Why would you wanna leave your car there