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Pixel Slate: first look at Google's Chrome OS tablet - Vidozee

Pixel Slate: first look at Google's Chrome OS tablet
The Verge — Published 8 months ago
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Google just announced the new Pixel Slate tablet. Running Chrome OS, it is designed to take on the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. With a huge 12.3 inch screen, it’s a surprisingly well-balanced device. In this episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn visits Google to spend some time with the Pixel Slate tablet and talk to the team who made it.


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The Verge
The Verge Would you get this over an iPad?
0riginee i always check the date to make sure it's not 1st April , specially products from apple and google .
Lillian Rox
Lillian Rox These prices are ridiculous..I have an acer chromebook 15 that cost me can do everything this pixel slate can do for a fraction of the even has a touchscreen...and it comes with a keyboard and trackpad already 😂
meme marc
meme marc Apple took the front button and sold it to Google

Only samtime fans remember
Jeff Fabian
Jeff Fabian If the ones who removed the headphone jack jumped off a cliff. Would you say well there doing it so we better too