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All 46 References in
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Here's every music, movie, tv show, and celebrity reference in the 1995 classic "Toy Story." From Marty McFly's dialogue in "Back to the Future," and Buzz's breathing referencing Darth Vader in "Star Wars," to the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" boulder scene and the Wilhelm scream, check out all the pop culture references and homages you may have missed from the classic children's movie. Toy Story 4 opens in theaters nationwide on...

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Ejay Camar
Ejay Camar The side mirror shot when rex is chasing is the actual jurrasic reference,and the ''i am your father'' of zurg to buzz is the actual star wars reference. The people of this channel thinks that youtube viewers are idiots.
Porygon13 Isn’t the part when woody sees buzz for the first time a reference to the getting straight poster?
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Another reference is when Mr Potato Head says, "What are you looking at ya hockey puck?" to the toy hockey puck, it's a reference to the actor Don Rickles' (who voicrs Mr Potato Head) famous catchphrase.
Hugsy Bennington
Hugsy Bennington the Full Metal Jacket reference make me laugh idk why
powertotehchord You forgot the part in the mrs Nesbit scene with the headless dolls and buzz calls them Marie Antoinette and her little sister