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Android Q Beta 3: New features in Google I/O 2019 build! - Vidozee

Android Q Beta 3: New features in Google I/O 2019 build!
Android Central — Published 2 months ago
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Google's third beta version of Android 10 includes dark theme, new gesture navigation and more! Check out what's new!

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white black
white black someone tell google. just use Pie Control... so we won't worry about conflict between hamburger menu and navigation gesture.
Josue Velasco
Josue Velasco Is the toggle menu still working?
Влад Ровдо
Влад Ровдо I hope they will make screen recording with the ability to record system sounds. It's so cool on iPhone why can't they add it already 😤
Jamil Johnson
Jamil Johnson Google copy Apple no way
Tes Ste
Tes Ste - do not have there some issue
- have issue iGO want not working on oreo
do not care where is google busy
- in anyone case is ultimate bad for environment
- Operating System size is again huger become
- need faster processors to run smoothly
- need huger charge adapters
- many phones again more energy needed
while except Sun energy no anyone other energy is green energy
hydro = destroying environment
(change life)
wind = that is not smart at all to use
nuclear = where with trash
coal = use air
only Sun energy is green
- and of course there is lot energy free generators but you can not known about
and so if your MUSK car would be not recharged on Sun energy
- it is still not clean car but almost same result
do not believe in that
- do not supporting
- only hybrid cars
- city or to the 50 km /h battery
- anyone start or acceleration battery helping engine
if is this Flat Earth
- what shall be oil in ground because in such one case is not fossil fuel
does someone known because lot peoples talking about known god or meet god
- and so God have something made but what
- I want not say what