Girl Defined Recommended this Book by Jackie Hill Perry- It is Awful! - Vidozee

Girl Defined Recommended this Book by Jackie Hill Perry- It is Awful!
Mr Atheist — Published 8 months ago
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Jackie Hill Perry has a book called “Gay Girl, Good God” where she tells people how she went from being a lesbian to a Christian in a straight marriage. This is a book constantly recommended by ‘Girl Defined” and as you can imagine it is extremely flawed and damaging.

Homosexuality Condoned by the Bible? (Digital Hammurabi):

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marquetta hellamns
marquetta hellamns Who cares what she is, if it's the life she feels to lead, so what! It's her life! @ the End of the day she gotta live it.Just like everyone else gotta live thiers!
whatever forever
whatever forever Jackie should put a disclaimer on her videos because they can be really dangerous and breed self-hatred in already struggling individuals.

Sure, Jackie, share your spiritual experience, no one can tell you otherwise. But don’t condemn other people, don’t ostracize them, don’t reject them because their definition of happiness is different than yours... damn
whatever forever
whatever forever What I don’t understand is, why does Jackie assume that being in a heterosexual commitment would make everyone else happy as well? Just because it made her happy? I have nothing against her sharing her experience, spiritual or otherwise. Just don’t condemn other people, it’s really not that hard!
whatever forever
whatever forever I personally find Jackie a sensitive, intelligent and idealistic young woman, which I admire and respect. Im happy she shared her spiritual experience and that she is satisfied in her current lifestyle. Where I draw the line is: campaigning against other people’s right to have their own experience and their happines. I’m sorry, Jackie but that’s where you overstep boundaries. Don’t impose your own epiphanies and conclusions on others!
whatever forever
whatever forever As a person who identifies as Christian, because I believe in Jesus Christ, I can’t EVER imagine trying to impose my faith or beliefs on someone else and tell them that their choices/ feelings/ love and spiritual experiences are invalid. It actually opposes to everything Jesus stood for. But hey, do you I guess. Just don’t condemn other people. God also said not to judge others.