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Girl Defined Recommended this Book by Jackie Hill Perry- It is Awful! - Vidozee

Girl Defined Recommended this Book by Jackie Hill Perry- It is Awful!
Mr Atheist — Published 4 months ago
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Jackie Hill Perry has a book called “Gay Girl, Good God” where she tells people how she went from being a lesbian to a Christian in a straight marriage. This is a book constantly recommended by ‘Girl Defined” and as you can imagine it is extremely flawed and damaging.

Homosexuality Condoned by the Bible? (Digital Hammurabi):

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Buffy the Libtard Slayer
Buffy the Libtard Slayer you fat disgusting reprobate, enjoy burning hell. evil pervert
busylivingnotdying «The doctine of -I did it so you can do it, is absolute bullshit»
Now, that is gold!
(I have ADD, so I hear it all the time)
Katie Marsh
Katie Marsh I believe in God but not a religion. To each their own. This story makes me so sad. For people who believe in God, why would God make someone wrong? Gay? Straight? Ace? Great. Just be your authentic self and try to be a good human. How can one see God as divine while also thinking God fucks up a lot?
Kyle Daigle
Kyle Daigle You can't pray the gay away!!!
Rhea RG
Rhea RG I am a Christian, or at the very least believe in God, and I think your videos are enlightening. I think you present many interesting points. While I do not always agree with your position on the notion of God, it doesn't take away from the quality of your work. I struggle sometimes because I am bisexual, and I think God loves me.

I think your content is honestly super good. And I am a fan of yours, and plan on keep watching your videos more and more!