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SUPERFOOD Fermented Honey and Garlic - Vidozee

SUPERFOOD Fermented Honey and Garlic
Better Done Yourself — Published 2 years ago
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Superfood: Fermented Honey and Garlic

The health benefits of fermented honey and garlic are an awesome combination. Enzymes, Antioxidants, digestible natural sugar. Mixed and Fermented garlic and garlic are amazing.

You can get what you need to make this and I can get a little kick-back from Amazon! (Following these links does NOT cost extra)

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Omar If I can’t find raw honey, will the garlic still ferment with pasteurized honey?
Martina Whitey
Martina Whitey Would you prefer local or organic? I would probably go for organic to avoid the harsh pesticides. I know ppl say the pesticides get fermented out but I am still not 100% sold on that.
art cook
art cook I'm 77 and glad you finally woke up to what the Egyptian told us ,6000 yrs ago ,
Iv been doing this 5 yrs
Wiped out my leg , motor cycle wreck in Cambodia , smeared heavy with raw local honey then kept it covered with coconut oil ,no scar no pain ,
I put 2 table spoon in my coffee 2-3 times aday
Every day gets better
Plan to live to 150,
I would like to make a suggestion put all in a blender make it easier ,50-50 mix blended ,set in cool dark place 7 days
TayGi777 This is an awesome video and you're such a sweet guy!
Tammy Brennan
Tammy Brennan Once you open that jar up to eat a few,, can you seal the jar back up & use some garlic later, or do u throw away what’s not used ? I’m going to try this honey garlic