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SUPERFOOD Fermented Honey and Garlic
Better Done Yourself — Published 2 years ago
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Superfood: Fermented Honey and Garlic

The health benefits of fermented honey and garlic are an awesome combination. Enzymes, Antioxidants, digestible natural sugar. Mixed and Fermented garlic and garlic are amazing.

You can get what you need to make this and I can get a little kick-back from Amazon! (Following these links does NOT cost extra)

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Ida M
Ida M So wait how & where do I store it after fermenting?
Isa Vera
Isa Vera Hi! I loved your video!! But what else does this helps with?? Does it helps cleansing bacteria on the gut?
Broadsword 66
Broadsword 66 “You’ll never get sick if you eat this.”
What a stupid, irresponsible thing to say.
John Armstrong
John Armstrong I'm in.
KinYards Fantastic