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Clean Comedy
Mark Dice — Published 3 months ago
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Mark Dice
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stanley6093 Do you know how to save a leftist from drowning ?    No …. well ,  goooood  .        lollllll
carnatic classical
carnatic classical I'm offended that you are way more funnier than the "great" SNL
Mike Nonya
Mike Nonya So sad a little girl has to quit being hilarious because of death threats. Why aren't the cops arresting the losers who are doing it? Hillary and The young Turds should be in prison anyway!
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Your videos definitely DO get offensive at times. But they’re still very entertaining still very informative and still very TRUE. Yea some of the shit is offensive but that doesn’t make it any less true or funny. When your videos offend me, I think to myself’ that’s fucked up, I laugh and continue enjoying the video. I don’t try to fucking destroy you. People don’t know how to take the meat and leave the bones anymore that’s the problem. Keep doing what you’re doing man I love your work🤷🏾‍♂️👍🏾