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Clean Comedy - Vidozee

Clean Comedy
Mark Dice — Published 7 days ago
Likes: 37, 630 — Dislikes: 140
240, 065 views


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Smiley Face
Smiley Face Check out Owen Benjamin still a great comedian
Boo Boo
Boo Boo More likes than CNN gets, ever
david S
david S Jerry Seinfeld is a deuch bag, Chris Rock is another dedicated deuchbag... All of Hollywood is liberal, anti-american trash.. No real God loving American person cares about these trash bags anyway... All of this far left, open boarder, anti-american, Hollywood scum, kneeling for the American flag, OK with child molesting /trafficking demicrat trash party will wonder why they lost the 2020 election... It's because there is an overwhelming majority of true American people who will never take the stance of giving up what thousands of soldiers who have lost their lives to protect... That's being American, and living the American dream... LEGALLY
Ryan iverson
Ryan iverson Someone should play some Richard Pryor stand up for these pussy SJW's.