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Imran Khan: Pakistani women's views on their incoming PM - BBC News - Vidozee

Imran Khan: Pakistani women's views on their incoming PM - BBC News
BBC News — Published 11 months ago
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Imran Khan caused controversy on the campaign trail for his comments about feminism. We asked a few Pakistani women about what they wanted from their incoming prime minister.

Reporting by Shumaila Jaffery. Filming & Editing by Fakhir Munir. Producing by Faran Rafi

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Shahzaib Sansi
Shahzaib Sansi hahahahahha 4 girls decide for whole 51% of pakistani population women
Saki I agree with the post below. the current western feminist BS is not wanted, stop misleading people, we want to have equal rights for women but that doesn't mean we will destroy our cultural values and family system in the process, with 3 in 4 marriages ending in divorce in united states, children living without parents and abused, single mothers, raising children alone with no support? we don't want that, these women you are showing have never lived that reality, they are from rich or higher middle-class families who got plenty of freedoms and probably a driver and a maid that most western women couldn't even dream of living in such luxury and would give up their "feminist" BS in a heartbeat
Esha this video cannot be more wrongly conceptualized in terms of women empowerment and feminism
Syed Aamir Ayub Shah soldier of ALLAH
Syed Aamir Ayub Shah soldier of ALLAH I am proud of my sincere and honest leaders..Where the world is getting worse of leaders God blessed Pakistan with an honest and uncorruptable son a lion ....

And western feminism has no place in our pakistan and for your kind information we respect and honour women more than you can ever imagine ... for pakistanis and people like our great imran khan ,the keys of heaven lies under the feet of the mother. This is respect we give to our women ...better make a video how you changed your women in last a century from life style to the religion ...but here in Pakistan we live our religion. Stay blessed
Zara khan
Zara khan Another propaganda video 😂😂😂 you guys are jokes