iPhone XR DROP TEST vs Pixel 3 - Which Phone Survives? - Vidozee

iPhone XR DROP TEST vs Pixel 3 - Which Phone Survives?
JerryRigEverything — Published 1 year ago
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Lets drop test the iPhone Xr and the Pixel 3!! Huge thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video: I noticed that there were quite a few reviewers with a broken Pixel 3. Could it be that The Pixel 3 is too fragile? And cracks easy? The only way to find out is with a drop test. Lets put the Pixel 3 head to head against the iPhone Xr. Apples 'cheaper' iPhone. With its aluminum side rails, it should have a mu...

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Feelsasianman _
Feelsasianman _ 3:02
JRE: “slipping out of your hand”
Also JRE: throws the phone
Modernity Leave
Modernity Leave Pixel 3xl with case is best bet and price. Defender otter box I have and no problems. Get it if u don't mind notch. Cheers.
Egg Oreos
Egg Oreos Bruh that music that happens in slow motion is like...........
Um Hai
Um Hai the iphone did a cartwheel 6:50
Galaxy ninja50
Galaxy ninja50 This man is a more social agent 47