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The women who made history in the mid-terms - BBC News - Vidozee

The women who made history in the mid-terms - BBC News
BBC News — Published 8 months ago
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The number of women running for election in this year's US mid term elections was at an all-time high, and an unprecedented number ended up winning.
Before Tuesday, there were 107 women in Congress, and that figure has been passed.
Among the many firsts: the first two Muslim congresswomen, Michigan's Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota's Ilhan Omar; the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, New York's Alexandria Ocasio-...

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394pjo Americans are an amazing people. Their democracy is an illusion, a complete sham and they fall for it so completely. Regardless of whoever they vote for absolutely nothing changes! The U.S at its most basic, is a corrupted Oligarchy transferring wealth from the people into the pockets of shareholders, even if the cost is death to Americans in the form of poisoned drinking water of a whole Town, or blown to pieces by the Taliban. It is difficult to believe how an entire race of people can be so ignorant. They are naked and starving and still think they live in paradise.
poolplayer poolplayer
poolplayer poolplayer These women where supported by Celebrities and The media!!
benbow7 We never see the BBC talking about the first Chinese woman to achieve something, only the special ones.
Vaasunetkgm Vaas
Vaasunetkgm Vaas Hello BBC to you in India one type situation to a patient in care hospital Hyderabad please respond this situation and support for the patient durga
Dean Aly
Dean Aly Coconut mind slaves of white peoples