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11th Hour Waseem Badami ARYNews 7 January 2019 - Vidozee

11th Hour  Waseem Badami  ARYNews  7 January 2019
ARY News — Published 6 months ago
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PTI’s Ali Muhammad Khan criticizes opposition

Why PPP leaders’ names were inducted in ECL?

One has to accept court’s ruling, whether you like it or not: Shehla Raza

See interesting statements of politicians in the video

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Mehmood Hassan
Mehmood Hassan 11 th hour 4 3 th janvare send
Ajaz - To move forward we must end corruption!!
Ajaz - To move forward we must end corruption!! These shameless and conscience dead PMLN and PPP cronies are defending two biggest
cartels of thieves, thugs and traitors, it is amazing our media still treat them as they are
honorable, just like t remind this media people you are supporting corruption when you
bring these cronies of thieves, thugs, and traitors in your talk shows, no one believes and
trust them, even if they would make these statements sitting in Kabba Sahrif.
Money and power is their god and they bow to these thieves like Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Shahbaz Sharif, Maulana Fazool ur Rehman, mehmood Achuckzai, and Aswand Yar Wali
knowing quite well they all have looted this nation for last 35 years and their greed is not satisfied and they still want more. I Believe all sudden CJ Saqib Nisar has developed soft corner in his heart for all these crook make me think about his sincerity to his position,
Justice system and Pakistan.
Ajaz - To move forward we must end corruption!!
Ajaz - To move forward we must end corruption!! Shah Khawar you have proven yourself an incompetent, untrustworthy, extremely
and unprofessional lawyer. I don't think anyone with right mind would hire you as a
lawyer, I don't know how much money you have received from Dr. Shahid Masood's
enemies to disservice him but you have ruined your reputation you better start a new
career may be as a shoe repairman/Mochee, but even for that people would have
difficulty trusting you. You have disgraced yourself and your profession.

And as far as FIA and the judge on Dr. Masood Shahid you are as guilty as Lawyer Shah Khawa, you all together in this crime of injustice and I think, PM Imran Khan, Minister
Shaheryar Afridi and CJ Saqib Nisar who like to show of creating dramas of being a
proactive minister for public concerns and like to invite Media to take their photos
you all have failed miserably, and have lost your credibility and trust no one would
trust you, all of you have done exactly opposite of what you preach, you are nothing
typical politicians who say one thing and do other.

Mr. CJ Saqib Nisar you have ruined the image and the trust of Chief Justices and your
legacy will be an inept, incompetent and judge who practiced double standards in the
justice system did nothing to make the justice system better but proved to openly
practicing double standards, soft, gentle and kind for ruling elite, and hard, cruel and
unjust for rest of the population. Insha Allah all of you will be judged soon by All Might
Allah and receive what you have earned.
Syed Shah
Syed Shah Waseem Badami is anti Pakistan anti Islam enemy of Pakistan pegs pimps of PML ppp mqm bikaho kutah baghato Of sardar
Agent of modi NAWAZ Zardari KI ulad
Like this peg there is big que of seller of Pakistan

These bikaries ( Dalal pimps Nawaz and Zardari plus of Mullah diesels) (beggars) anchors and owners of media (black snakes Kala Naq for Pakistan n for ummah ) langha lafghs bikaho how they can give Pakistan or ummah , who are by them self actual baggers selling for money them selves , there family , kids for , Pakistan n ummah from more than 50 years (how they Pakistan able to give who are them selves baggers bikghakharies include past chor leaders n Mullah’s ) yeh kia Acha Pakistan ko dah satay hain bikari’s anchor bikaho’s
Pakistan KI Matti pallid kar di (pimps Plus insulting of journalism)

J I T important need for all anchors (news) media owners include print how they made money in supporting n black mailing and what there wealth before this jobs plus there relatives how they got key jobs what is the relation with corrupt leaders of Pakistan behind out side Pakistan for whom agenda they are working as agents role as pimps dalal
ONLY SHAH ARY badami tu PTI k pasandida hai tasveer ka aik rukh dekhatay hain