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Can Nigeria's 'rainmakers' really control the weather? - BBC News - Vidozee

Can Nigeria's 'rainmakers' really control the weather? - BBC News
BBC News — Published 10 months ago
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In certain parts of Nigeria, "rainmakers" or "rainpushers" are held in high regard.
People pay them to keep rain away from events, such as weddings, but can they really control the weather?
BBC Video Journalists Nduka Orjinmo and Joshua Akinyemi went to explore.

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Deebah's World Go to Ijebu in Ogun state Nigeria. Try the voodoo men in that area out, they allegedly send down showers in any area they wish.
henry robert
henry robert If you are not from Nigeria or africa you definitely wont understand what happened there . The rain can be controlled and there is a science behind . Am from Nigeria nd i can do it , its a comon trick but it requires extra speciallty to make it pour but i know how to bring the showers its quite simple.
Suzanne Szárai
Suzanne Szárai You are wasting my time.
David No
fantapikin fofanah
fantapikin fofanah I we really like to have Onasedu phone number