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SpongeBob voice actors cursing (Compilation)
TESTMACORONI — Published 7 months ago
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i dug deep and found some clips
ill make a follow up vid if enough more vids surface of them cursing in character or similar voice. rodger bumpass and bill faggerbakke seem to be really innocent despite having "fag" and "ass" in their names so no pat or squid cuss unfortunatly. according to tom kenny tho uncensored sailor mouth exists and is now my #1 most wanted lost media

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Liam Bishop
Liam Bishop I was AT that panel in the beginning of the video - and he was answering MY QUESTION!!!!
Sh ay
Sh ay The guy who plays plankton looks like my 6th grade science teacher who was arrested for beating up his wife
KT W No idea why but hearing SpongeBob cursing angrily is just what I needed
Owen West
Owen West I’m literally wheezing over here 😂
Breena Walsh
Breena Walsh 1:32 I thought it was Donald trump