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A day in the life of a Roman soldier - Robert Garland - Vidozee

A day in the life of a Roman soldier - Robert Garland
TED-Ed — Published 1 year ago
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The year is 15 CE, and the Roman Empire is prospering. Most of the credit will go to the emperor, but this success wouldn’t have been possible without loyal soldiers like Servius Felix. Robert Garland illuminates what life was like for a solider i...

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Yuri SV
Yuri SV In an Paradoxal way, the war is an terrible thing, wich destroys lifes of people who lived in peace, but at the same time, it makes men become from enemies, Brothers, it makes them united, like a family, everyone willing to risk their lives for their fellow Brothers in Arms. And after war is over, the men who served will crave that kind of brothership, even after death. Respect to those who Served! No matter the Race, Skin Color, Religion, Origin, politicak Beliefs.
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