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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - REAL Day in the Life!
UrAvgConsumer — Published 2 months ago
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Time to take the Galaxy Note 10+ out for a REAL Day in the Life Review! We test out it's features over the course of a full working day like battery life, the note 10 camera, the new note 10 features and so much more. What do you guys think? Will you order a Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+? Or are you skipping this one? Leave a comment.

UrAvgConsumer review of the Note 10+.

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Samsung Gal...

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Shin Lim
Shin Lim Get Ari to review the smaller note 10 ! im not into the + its too big
Jared Carter
Jared Carter انت باين عليك عطاي
Hitmanhooks99 Where that girl at lol
Moise IT
Moise IT Been spending most our lives, living in a gamers paradise.

Leave a like if you get that reference.
Jay Waldo
Jay Waldo Your voice is like a milkshake mmm