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Everything Wrong With Ride Along In 13 Minutes Or Less
CinemaSins — Published 3 months ago
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Man, this movie is not good. And they made another one! I guess if you like lazy comedy and lazy situational conflict... maybe. But Ride Along has sins out the ass, and we listed them, because we do our job, dammit.

Next week: Recent live-action BS and not-quite-so-recent weird drama about pills.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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XxTrouble_MakerxX Gachatuber
XxTrouble_MakerxX Gachatuber Anybody else notice the kkk in amerikkka at the beginning of the sins video
Charis MW
Charis MW When you talk about the cars not being able to get out of the lot, my old job had that but it was even SMALLER! downtown Dallas parking sucks! You either had to go in backwards or spend 15 min going back-fourth a million times! That comment gave me ptsd of getting out of that lot! (I’m a shit driver FYI)
DGOfTheCentury 5:40 i knew this was going to happen and still laughed so hard that i could not breath.

TBH i would like to see sins off for genuine laughter in comedy movies; whether its cliche or not, its all about the execution. You guys just gloss over it in most of these and dont give the movies any real credit.
harrythebarry How does one like kevin heart?
harrythebarry dude you cant drive for shit xd