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10 Questions for Condoleezza Rice - Vidozee

10 Questions for Condoleezza Rice
TIME — Published 9 years ago
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Her family memoir, Extraordinary Ordinary People, has just come out. Condoleezza Rice will now take your questions.

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T. Stamp
T. Stamp Craze crackazzzz
kath david
kath david Psychopathic order following muppet... go to fuc**ng hell. BITCH.
Ramenzilla The way the left has so blatantly disrespected this woman is appalling. She's intelligent, ACTUALLY overcame real racism and sexism to become one of the most influential leaders during her time.
Kev Ctulu
Kev Ctulu she's responsible for 500k death people in the middle east...
James Townsley
James Townsley this bitch is nothing but poised and elegant, and just so annoyingly intelligent and articulate! someone please SLAP her!