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OnePlus 6T Leaks: Everything we know so far! - Vidozee

OnePlus 6T Leaks: Everything we know so far!
Android Central — Published 9 months ago
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The OnePlus 6T will be the biggest "T" upgrade yet. Check out more at

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Niels DC
Niels DC Anyone willing to save 20$ when buying this phone? Here is your chance!

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JazzT Really don't understand the fuss about dropping the 3.5mm jack, personally feel it's a good choice and beneficial for the extra spec that can be squeezed into the systems all for the trade off of new headphones [which 95% of companies are going to start offering with USB-C/Lightning connectors from stock] or just using the adapter? Just my opinion though.
Franco Castro
Franco Castro Yes. Probably 59 of their User base has bluetooth headphones. That doesn't mean thst we dont use the aux jack. My car only has aux jack, others friends car have bluetooth but is easier to just hand over the aux cable. My 20yo high Def audio system doesn't has bluetooth, my old sennheiser headphones are cable only. I dont want to be carrying an additional dongle every time I want to use my cellphone just to what, 200mha more?
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez No Headphone Jack, no deal.
Bruno Chami
Bruno Chami The problem of not having the jack is actually not a real problem.
I would be happy that usb-c could plug everything.
But, we will replace our jack only if they provide new earphones with usb-c.
This usb-c to jack adaptator is just stupid.

It's like "We want to evolve but first, you need to be ridiculous and pay".