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Jon Stewart explains why he's frustrated with Congress - Vidozee

Jon Stewart explains why he's frustrated with Congress
CNN — Published 1 week ago
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Comedian and 9/11 first responder advocate Jon Stewart talks to CNN's Suzanne Malveaux about his frustrations with Congress over funding health care for the first responders, saying this is a life-or-death issue for them. #CNN #News

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RDM 010
RDM 010 You know we have a serious problem when a comedian gets involved. That should scare everyone.
Ralph Bourke
Ralph Bourke IT DOSEN'T END, IT DOSEN'T END, IT DOSEN'T END, IT DOSEN'T END, IT DOSEN'T END that is until you the people want it to.
Ralph Bourke
Ralph Bourke Still think everything is just fine with your elected government folks? Does this story still build your false sense of pride that everything is on auto pilot like they continously try to convince you of. Guys like you run into danger with the hopes that your government has your back. Twin towers drop faster than you can sneeze and these first responders rush in to save lives and restore the publics confidence that there is some one out there who cares for them. Who in there right mind runs into the fire when your gut instinct is telling you to get out as fast as you can. The men and women who are the first responders are to be held at the highest respect from all of us. NO QUESTIONS ASKED, THEY NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! Ya while your great commander and thief Georgee Busch junior sat in a kindergarten class room the morning of and was filmed in confusion, bewilderment, and clueless after being told not once but twice the country was under attack. If you haven't noticed Georgee is just fine health wise, no sacrafice there but a lot of lip service. Funny how that works isn't it and I don't mean HA HA funny, I mean how you the people keep doing Washingtons dirty work and promised they have your back and the second the dust settles they convientley forget there promises and commitments to you. EVERY TIME, EVERY DAMN TIME THEY DO THE SAME THING! Wake up FOOLS, game over, if it was not the help of someone like Jon Stewart I doubt this would have happened. I believe it would have fallen into Washington's special agenda file called POST PONE THIS FOR AS LONG AS WE CAN AND HOPEFULLY THEY WILL GO AWAY. Bet me! This sickness started seconds after Vietnam, remember that little " OOPS " folks and Washington contines to practice the same illusion game today.I have personally exsperienced this ever so slightly loss of military benefits over the years. How many of you actually believe that the government can keep this lie alive. And even if you bought the lie how long do you believe they can keep paying. Do the math people, Rest assured all of you the benefits for the young soldiers who were sent into the hornest nest Middle East conflict that will never end who lost arms, legs and souls will see there benefits shrink very shortly. You are being sold an illusion people. I keep hope some will catch on but so far your score card shows your loseing and Washington winning by a land slide. The REAL truth to this story is how shamefull it is that this country has reduced it's self worth to allow things to get so far out of control that a person like Mr. Stewart feels the obligation to take his own time and money to take on this fight. This is bull shit any way you wanna slice it. No one is protecting your rights. no one. They say they are, they tell you how hard they are working for you, Really, well then tell me what the Republicans have done lately to try and help solve some of the issues this country is faceing right now. I'll tell you, NOTHING, they spend all there time in the collusion illusion impeachment krap. FIX THIS MESS NOW! You voted them in you vote them out. Your getting everything you asked for and then some. While your enjoying your evening take just a second if you dare and think about the ones who sacrificed everyt thing. Just take a second if you would. I'm done with this krap and so should you. All of you deserve more than this, you paid for it and you should demand it as Mr. Stewart so bravely did. God bless America even if Washington did steal it from the Native Indians. Nothing has changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zephyr Blue
Zephyr Blue What Jon Stewart said to our Congress was the truth spoken eloquently and with grace, however, truth is of no value to our Congress whereas "contributions" are. The problem is difficult to take aim at because our government is no longer "for the people." It is now "for the Corporations" and has become a significant tool for corporate corruption. We the people are no longer governed by our Government. We are governed by Corporate greed. Lobbying IS bribery and needs to be made illegal.
country city
country city the ðŸĪĄs a phony all for show and cameras 🙄👎🏞 the vile ass piece of ðŸ’Đ belongs here 👉🏞⚰ïļðŸ‘ðŸž