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Booker grills Pompeo: Is being gay a perversion? - Vidozee

Booker grills Pompeo: Is being gay a perversion?
CNN — Published 1 year ago
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Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) pushed Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo over a past condemnation of a landmark Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage and past suggestions that being gay was a perversion.

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constantin afil
constantin afil hei boorker all muslam can practice they'r religion but all the MUALAM MUST OBEY THE LAW OF THIS COUNTRY , USA   if they want live in USA
Charles Miller
Charles Miller Homosexuality is an ABOMINATION and is totally PERVERTED..
Kind Man
Kind Man nobody:
Cory Booker: "Do you think gay sex is hot and steamy? no? wow. that's a tremendous problem. What about poopdick sir? please, answer the question."
Jim Browski
Jim Browski Booker, isn't that the guy who anal rapes people in public restrooms. That's only considered not perverse at a homo pride parade and cnn.
Georgia Lynn Jones
Georgia Lynn Jones pro choice sex for adults, religious freedom. why?