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Messed Up Pixar Secrets That Actually Make Sense
TheBinger — Published 4 months ago
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Disney And Pixar Have Many Movie Moments You Didn't Notice
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Have you ever watched a Disney Pixar movie and thought, “what is my Toy Story doing in my Monsters Inc.?” Well, those of us at The Binger know that feeling. It isn’t your imagination: there are plenty of secrets and hidden crossovers scattered throughout the films. It’s our job to...

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Mika Records
Mika Records My gah! :0

Eli Sky
Eli Sky there's only one that probably no one knows about,idk if pixar noticed this ethier but in wall-e the captain said that"things like pizza can grow from plants and if pizza grew off plants it would sound like this"pizza PLANT"and if you add a E between the N and T you get"PIZZA PLANET!!!!!! and where i got the E from was wall-E,get it?
KitKat Crunch
KitKat Crunch 9:20 no..Pizza Planet originated from Toy Story that was hidden in the movie Cars. ;w;
Yeremiah Angeles
Yeremiah Angeles The fact that Randall the monster used to scare Andy, blow my mind. 😳😱🤯