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Trump Will 'Definitely' Declare A National Emergency, 'Probably' - Vidozee

Trump Will 'Definitely' Declare A National Emergency, 'Probably'
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — Published 6 months ago
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The President confirmed on Thursday that he will likely potentially certainly improbably possibly doubtfully absolutely declare a national emergency. For sure, maybe.

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Tim D
Tim D Obviously he didn't say bye bye and leave. He's still here. But then follow through was never his strong point. His strongest asset is the ability to get involved in a building project, get it half done, and then go bye bye. Also the fact of keeping an eye on the young people? Typical Drumph.
Marc Dhios
Marc Dhios the wall is obviously older than the wheel

the wheel was invented for a purpose, whereas the wall simply exists, enter any cave, walls, look at a dried out river bed, walls, are those still walls when the river bed has water? oh yes thats right, walls are literally everywhere in nature, they were named, not invented like the wheel

i used to think trump was like a child, now i feel bad, even stupid kids dont deserve that kind of insult
nicole Kelly
nicole Kelly These are old
aimlesslost Buttholes are older than both wheels AND walls, and even fancy people with expensive cars still have them.
ChibiRoseGold Xxxx
ChibiRoseGold Xxxx There is never actually a straight answer with Trump,it's always 'possibly' or 'hopefully' like which one is it bruh?! XD