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KHUJLI | Jackie Shroff | Neena Gupta | Winner at Jio Filmfare Awards 2018 | TTT -

What happens when Girdharilal and Roopmati decide to scratch a 25-year-old itch? Secret desires come out, hidden fantasies are revealed, long-lost fire is rekindled, and things can’t help but get a little…kinky.

Credits -
Cast: Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta, Rani Patwar, Archak Chhabra

Writer and Director: Sonam Nair
Creative Producer: Sharanya Rajgopal
Producer: Anuj Gosalia
Co-Producer: Chippy Babu, Nandini Gupta
Chief AD: Yashika Dhillon
AD: Shrdhi Gnatra
DOP: Siddharth Vasani
Line Producer: Abhishek Sharma
Associate Producer: Arushi Chugh
Script Supervisor: Nandini Gupta
Production Designer: Anasuya Sengupta
Art Director: Risha Shetty
Associate Art Director: Devika Dave
Publicity Stills: Priyam Dhar
Gaffer: Ashok Bangera
PR & Publicity: Mauli Singh
Focus Puller: Gagandeep Bawa
Editor: Yashashwini Y P
Associate Editor: Vini N Raj
Music: Somesh Saha
Sound Design: Sohel Sanwari
Sound Editor: Kaarthic Senthil
Sound Engineer: Lijin Jolly Alex, Songbird Studios
Colorist: Zaheer Shaikh
Singer: Garima Yagnik
Casting: Sharanya Rajgopal, Shaarika Pandit
Production Intern: Devang Varsani
Jackie Shroff’s Hair & Make-up: Aayushi Kapse
Neena Gupta’s Hair: Jyoti
Neena Gupta’s Make-up: Karan Singh
Spot: Deepak Kumar
Special Thanks: Janardhan Catering, Jiten Shah

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