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SNL's Chris Farley Impersonates Newt Gingrich - Vidozee

SNL's Chris Farley Impersonates Newt Gingrich
Greg Hengler — Published 8 years ago
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Description Comedian Chris Farley, who often portrayed Speaker Gingrich on "Saturday Night Live," paid a surprise visit to the House Republican Conference and did an impersonation of the speaker.

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MusicalSavior23 Murica!
Ed Hill Masters Roofing
Ed Hill Masters Roofing This could NEVER happen with the modern democrats, wet blankets, kill joys
bowl now
bowl now I would love to see politics do this again without anyone being offended.
MaTeOWaNnA ReMaStErZeR of LoLs
MaTeOWaNnA ReMaStErZeR of LoLs I cleaned up the audio & modernized the video on this important moment in legislation history - - & be sure to check out my playlists =)
gogotero99 Real Newt Gingrich: Mild applause
Chris Farley as Newt: Standing ovation