The woman behind Rihanna's yellow dress - BBC News - Vidozee

The woman behind Rihanna's yellow dress - BBC News
BBC News — Published 11 months ago
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Chinese dress designer Guo Pei's big break came when a singer she had never heard of, named Rihanna, contacted her about a yellow dress she had seen pictures of.
The pop star wore it to the New York Met Gala - sparking a viral meme as the outfit was compared to an omelette.
But for Guo Pei it led her to Paris Fashion Week and international acclaim.
Born in 1960s communist China, where "there was no fashion at...

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MY PETITE LIFE Wait what???? She is 52? Ok I’m out!
Charleene Jean-Pierre
Charleene Jean-Pierre The Only One FENTY 💛🤘🏽
allabout style
allabout style Fashion killa RiRi 😍
Κάποιος Παπακάπιου
Κάποιος Παπακάπιου China needs to restore its culture
John Okari
John Okari Oh my Rihanna