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ANCIENT Technology We Still CANT Replicate Today! - Vidozee

ANCIENT Technology We Still CANT Replicate Today!
Origins Explained — Published 1 year ago
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Check out this ancient technology we still can't replicate today! From flexible glass to greek fire, this mysterious top 10 list of advanced ancient inventions science still can't explain to this day is surprising!

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fred grove
fred grove Before you do another video, please learn how to pronounce a lot of the words you use.
Fernand Gamboa
Fernand Gamboa Love how you pronounce Stradivarius 😍
Suzanne Bellamy
Suzanne Bellamy the light sabre , invented a long time ago , in a galaxy far , far away ..........
Booey Amante
Booey Amante Hahahaha oh man my brain cells hurt so much. Clearly no research was done for this video. Just did it to have something for their channel. You so duuuumb
vwbugnut7778 Stradivarius violin was shown to have wood from the Ice Age The trees grew so slow, that made the wood dense, which is why the violin resonate the way it does, the closest we can replicate this is carbon fiber, carbon fiber makes virtually the same sound that the Stradivarius violin does because of the density of the material. Before you state things as fact do your research