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Don Lemon on Kanye: I had to turn the TV off - Vidozee

Don Lemon on Kanye: I had to turn the TV off
CNN — Published 8 months ago
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CNN's Don Lemon criticizes Kanye West's visit with President Trump in the Oval Office. #CNN #News

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John Madison
John Madison Cmon Mr.Lemon...stop being a little bitch.
Qtee S.
Qtee S. I agree 100% with Don ..they are using u Kanye u dummy he is such an embarrassment to our culture I had to turn the tv off!
Steely Mike
Steely Mike I know like how everybody has turned off CNN that is why their ratings are literally the lowest ever
Addy Eco
Addy Eco Kanye doesn't need help,you Don Lemon need it badly..and you are the hypocrite and the camera should be taken away from you.You are the embarrassment to journalism. Get real ...losers. ..
Shirah Baznet
Shirah Baznet Really?I got a beer!