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Don Lemon on Kanye: I had to turn the TV off - Vidozee

Don Lemon on Kanye: I had to turn the TV off
CNN — Published 8 months ago
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CNN's Don Lemon criticizes Kanye West's visit with President Trump in the Oval Office. #CNN #News

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morenobeyo Who cares if Don lemon had to turn his TV off. Really who cares. My TV never is on his show or any other show on the crying news network 😂
Stewart Joe
Stewart Joe Dildo Don dildo you need a real Cock keep looking Don it's out there
Stewart Joe
Stewart Joe Yes Don stop a black MAN who has found the truth stop and destroy a black MAN for knowing the truth socialism at its best
Stewart Joe
Stewart Joe Don is upset because a black MAN has the truth
mike the gamer dude
mike the gamer dude Jon miller is horribile