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What Life Is Like on Gaza’s Side of the Fence | The Dispatch - Vidozee

What Life Is Like on Gaza’s Side of the Fence | The Dispatch
The New York Times — Published 1 year ago
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Palestinians in Gaza are taking part in mass protests, demanding an end to the 11-year blockade of the territory and a return to lands in what is now Israel. The Times’s Jerusalem bureau chief reports from the region.

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outline Even Egypt has its border closed.
AlMotasem Bellah Younis
AlMotasem Bellah Younis By the way, almost 61% of gaza population are originally refugees out of cities around gaza like city of Ashdod, Beedsheba!
Those people have the right to return one day!

The irony is that someone from Russia or Romania, even from Ethiopia has the right to live inside those cities, while its own people for generations don't have the right even to breath a good air!
ABDISITARreacts Palestinians should get rid of their own leadership first then they can fight for their land
i'm sorry wow really shows the humanity of the people, & the villany of Isreal.
all while being too cowardice to confront or talk about Hamas
Sur Potel
Sur Potel Nobody feels sorry for terrorists whole agenda is Jihad