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GOP senator calls out his party for fearing Trump - Vidozee

GOP senator calls out his party for fearing Trump
CNN — Published 1 year ago
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GOP Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) criticizes his own party on the Senate floor for failing to even vote on amendments because they may upset President Donald Trump.

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LUCY LOVE Corker couldn't get elected dog catcher in Tennessee
Antione Berry
Antione Berry miss ivanka trump is a young beautiful woman👠👱‍♀️!
Cecelia Eaton
Cecelia Eaton Told quite truthfully, this guy can hold his head up high, n the republican party can hang theirs in shame! You were elected to serve the people of your states n took an oath to do so, you have broke that oath n when time comes hopefully you won't be reelected . Your true colors are yellow, the Trump bear loves to poke anything so be our guess n poke the cowardly bear back just once, stop being made a joke because you are chickenshit.
Beverly Vinson
Beverly Vinson Who cares if this criminal trump is going to have a hissy fit . !all you politicians have benefits and healthcare for life !!
Americans , your voters do not get that same right as you do .
You live on our taxes and
Lie ti get elected and then vote for what your corporate donors!! .
Mitchy had to go . Trump has to go . And all politicians who were voted by us dont speak up and help us americans will lose next election .QUIT BEING YESMEN TO A BULLY ASS BABY !! .
BonerMaroner This video is a year old yet that is the last time the GOP had any guts and now 6 - 2019 they all have become "Scared Little Bastards".