How To Raid Area 51 The RIGHT Way! - Vidozee

How To Raid Area 51 The RIGHT Way!
TylerTube — Published 4 months ago
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Memes _Playz
Memes _Playz Why do you keep breathing like that after every sentence it’s annoying
Paul Lorenc
Paul Lorenc Clearly he's never seen "The Great Escape " and how hard it is to dig a small tunnel without structural support, let alone a 50-100 mile tunnel that'll need large equipment which will be noticeable to the military. Then there's the fact that the military supposedly has sensors which sense vibration. So of course Area 51 will know they're coming.
Soplesz El chapo and elon musk... Okay
Boggins This is the best plan ive heard since the original Area 51 raid plan...