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Don Lemon shreds Trump's Kanye double standard - Vidozee

Don Lemon shreds Trump's Kanye double standard
CNN — Published 8 months ago
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CNN's Don Lemon slams President Trump's favorable attitude toward rapper Kanye West after making disparaging comments about him in the past. #CNN #News

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Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas God it's so hypocritical cnn wtf are you doing?? Y'all are screwing yourselves so royally y'all cant see it hahaahahah fuck comedy Central this is where I'll go to get a laugh
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas Don lemon is the most annoying "journalist" I've ever seen he's so smug and on his high horse
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas Trump 2024
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas Anyone out there who supports people attacking Kanye because he's telling his.opinion shame on you. Learn to think for yourself and not let government poison your mind
foxfoxtruth Don Lemon CNN is a total idiot. See my comment later in this thread.