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Special Report: Knife crime and the battle for the streets - Vidozee

Special Report: Knife crime and the battle for the streets
Sky News — Published 2 years ago
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The Metropolitan Police say children as young as six have been found carrying knives, and as well as reviewing the use of stop-and-search powers, the Commisioner says more work needs to be done with young people at home.

Sky's Home Affairs Correspondent Mark White has this special report.

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MRJellyBaby2516 this just makes me feel like i need to carry a knive even more now
JordanjamesX The London police need more non white cops.
Megen O
Megen O'Sullivan Remember Glasgow is the murder capital of Europe
ITz That Guy
ITz That Guy The best way to defeat knife crime is to let them kill each other until there's no gangs left.
Leonardo Datore
Leonardo Datore It's like telling smokers that smoking kills them.
They know it, they just don't care.