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Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie -

Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie
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Do we live in the Matrix? Possibly. Scientists are suggesting that all of the known universe might just be a hologram folded into itself. But since we can’t definitively prove that we’re some flat projection playing out through the cosmos, we can definitely give you Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie.

Many objects around you aren’t what they seem. So TheHub will show you how to look deeper at the world around you. Whether we’re nodding in acknowledgement or slapping ourselves in the forehead for missing these simple truths, we can all agree that it’s better to know what’s really going on in our daily lives than remain in the dark.

We’ll explore fake homes, elaborate facades and imaginary automobiles. Whether shown to us on special effects-laden commercials or in overly decorated neighborhoods, some people prefer to make their cars, homes and towns to appear greater than they actually are. We’ll also look behind the curtain of the food industry to learn the secrets behind “sugar-free” mints and candies as well as the truth behind some commonly misconceived fruits. Whether people are prettying up their lawns or pruning up in their pools, we’ll also change the way you think about your fellow humans’ effect on nature and nature’s effect on us. Going beyond, we’ll find out some facts about the way NASA pushed the boundary of space exploration and expanded our understanding of construction on Earth. And finally, we’ll figure out the real reason why pirates wore eyepatches. Join TheHub and learn the truth behind the lies.


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