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Jaguar boss: We don't want a hard Brexit or a no-deal Brexit - Vidozee

Jaguar boss: We don't want a hard Brexit or a no-deal Brexit
Sky News — Published 10 months ago
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The chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover tells Ian King that supply bottlenecks resulting from a no-deal Brexit could bring to a halt production and cost £60m a day.

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me the one
me the one the only way to deal with business like this is take your business to another country then take your cars too they wont be sold here same for all other business's. we should support those that support us fk the rest
Michael Grace
Michael Grace The EU doesn't want the UK too make cars, they gave ford EU money to move to Turkey to make the transit, they gave Hyundai money to build the i20 in Slovakia, putting Vauxhall elsmere port out of business, they gave jlr money to build a plant in Europe, €110 million, jlr have a plant in China that is 50/50 with the Chinese government, yet the Chinese government allowed land wind to make the x7 a complete rip off of the range rover but a third of the price, include in this x7 was a ford engine made at bridge end ? So jlr blame job losses here in the UK on a slump in sales in China, they make the car there anyway what's it got to do with the UK? And the Hyundai i20 replaced the Vauxhall Astra as the police car for the UK as the EU says everything must go to tender, what cars do the German police drive? What cars do the French police drive?
Liiz Pem
Liiz Pem Please don’t listen to this man who is a boss at jaguar, has global business experience and helps decides where jobs go, instead listen to no deal brexiteers, we want our country back.
J W Take your business and your EU migrants slaves and go out together from UK to your EU!
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams There is no fast chargers there is no infrastructure! Welcome to UK 😂🤣😂 does this have anything to do with Brexit?