Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands! - Vidozee

Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands!
Ryland Adams — Published 2 weeks ago
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**Original Video Concept by Julien Solomita & Collin Duddy of Last Minute Trips

We got fun ideas of what to do in Seattle from Monica Church's 1...

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Ryland Adams
Ryland Adams I hope you guys enjoy this weeks video! I was all kinds of stressed going with the flow on something like this but we ended up having so much fun. I know the original Video Concept for this was by Julien Solomita & Collin Duddy, I’ve linked their channel in the description above!
Inayah Akhtar
Inayah Akhtar Lol i I liddrally WISHHHH i coulc do that i love ur vidios and shanns's to OMGG YHAT LAST HOT3L WAS SOOOOOOO SOO NICEEE OMG.
alina garcia
alina garcia Ryland and Morrigan out here thinking the hotels spooky and I was just thinking about American horror story 😬
Fiona Carroll
Fiona Carroll When you live in Seattle but dont see this video until a week after its posted.
Alexa for sure
Alexa for sure i’m so peeved about the fact that i was in seattle legit 3 months ago. at the same airport.😤 i can’t believe that my role models were in my hometown