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Soybean farmers on shaky ground as U.S.-China trade war escalates - Vidozee

Soybean farmers on shaky ground as U.S.-China trade war escalates
CBS This Morning — Published 1 year ago
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The Trump Administration's escalating trade war with China is putting some American farmers on shaky ground. American soybean farmers are among businesses caught in the middle of the trade fight. Dean Reynolds reports.

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metaldad2112 Why do Farmers (Gamblers) keep growing any overabundance of no one buying crop (Like living in a desert & complaining there is NO Water) GROW: KUMQUATS. Plenty of advance warning written on every wall - If No one is buying soybeans at a profitable price (STOP Growing them!) Farming has always been a gamblers game with more losers than winners If you can't play your hand holding the wrong cards get a new hand ~ Farm Aid - Bail-Out?? Welfare ~ NO!! Not winning at poker get off the table. Sell the land & allow builders to build HOUSING (Housing Shortage) ... But CRY Boo-Hoo in Hand-Outs W.T.F. (NO!) TRUMP Stop trying to fight a war with soldiers unable to suit-up & arm themselves ... We are at WAR, China is the Enemy when they are not our partner ... GET-IT If not GET-OUT! Go fill pot-holes in highways (Plenty of Jobs) Just, you can't do yours (Why should the Tax-Payer pay for farming gambled Losses) What's next We Take from the Farmers that do well to offset the losses of the farmers that SUCK ... Sounds Like a Democratic Venture ... If (Hypothetically) 10.000 New Teachers enter the market for Teaching this year with near No teaching jobs to fill ... Do we deduct from the teachers doing well to pay the "no need for more" teachers left unemployed? Farmers unable to move with the ebb & flow are not farmers they are "no need for more" teachers ... Get a new job, not government hand-outs!
Ge Ge M
Ge Ge M Love the closing "He is outstanding in his field"
david I probably end up buying some of your land hahahaha
Roger Lucas
Roger Lucas What say those who insist that those who receive government assistance be required to take a drug test?
Pushyhog Look at those john deeres we bought. Wheres his new 2018 pickup?