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How the Language From the Sims Was Created
Great Big Story — Published 4 weeks ago
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Chances are you’ve escaped reality (at least temporarily) through “The Sims.” One of the first life simulation video games, it allows players to live vicariously through virtual characters—and it’s played by people the world over. Which is why the characters speak a fictional language that everyone can understand. It’s called Simlish, and there’s a method to the gibberish. We join voice actors Krizia Bajos and Sc...

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Renee Imagine getting paid to speak jibberish all day
Ashley Braden
Ashley Braden I was OBSESSED with The Sims years before it ever came out. I used my imagination and JC Penney catalogs to execute this lol imagine the excitement when the game came out! Lol I used my vacation time everytime a new Sims came out. So cool to see actual people saying this.
Analog Girl
Analog Girl You could argue that the most well-known fictional language isn't the Sim's language but is "Dothraki"
CoolCatCarl Who else took a DNA test and learned that their actually 2% Simlish, so you’re now watching this?
BabyaliveatationTV Hello this is how the sound “sujajwjwjsnjdowjsgdhsjwhw”