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Phone call brings hurricane victim to tears - Vidozee

Phone call brings hurricane victim to tears
CNN — Published 8 months ago
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin tours the ruins of Mexico Beach, Florida, where residents describe their horror at the sight of what's been lost to Hurricane Michael. #CNN #News

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Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Dam early Warning system's got the bastards out , I sent Katrina to new Orleans in 05
Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown This hurricane done a shit ton of damage. Prayers for Florida.
Cindy Lanovia
Cindy Lanovia The world is slowly come to an end... After the giant waves hit Indonesia and caused thousand people to death, earthquake are everywhere, and now hurricane.. We must be ready and stay alert...
Randi Lewis
Randi Lewis How about that wall? Since ppl on here love Trump so much. Get her done!!! I'm sure a hurricane can't knock it down right??? Vote for Trump Trumpsters you gotta really love him now Mexico beach🌴
GodlyGood Creatures
GodlyGood Creatures Florida will stay Florida will rebuild! lovePrayers&strength from Malaysia.