Skyblock Randomizer Challenge #3 - Vidozee

Skyblock Randomizer Challenge #3
Wilbur Soot — Published 2 weeks ago
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The third installment in my challenge where every 30 seconds I get given a random block. On a single block of bedrock, I am expected to survive with one item spawning every 30 seconds.

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João Santos
João Santos Milo the randomized fish.
Adrian Tube
Adrian Tube The sppling has returned in another form.
Adrian Tube
Adrian Tube Your explenation was boring so the ocelot jumper of
Amos John Sarmiento
Amos John Sarmiento When your angry as fuck cause he didn't make the planks as slabs but you know you can't do anything:

SS 4608
SS 4608 Wilbur is dumb.