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Dow plunges 1,000+ points in two days - Vidozee

Dow plunges 1,000+ points in two days
CNN — Published 8 months ago
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The stock market sell-off isn't letting up.

After flirting with gains early in the day, the Dow lost as many as 699 points on Thursday afternoon. The Dow cut about half its losses following reports that President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have agreed to meet next month at the G-20 summit.

The market slide tacks onto Wednesday's scary sell-off that wiped 832 points off the index.#CNN #...

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Martin Denomme
Martin Denomme Canada should BUILD A WALL! Americans will be headed North soon!
Martin Denomme
Martin Denomme Trump will make you a small Fortune ( you just have to start with a LARGE Fortune! )
Sammy Decoux
Sammy Decoux Thanks mr. Trump it's not good enough for you to run your own company bankrupt but you got to do it to the whole country God Bless the USA
Jake Swegle
Jake Swegle Haha wow it dropped to 24,000... Guys it was at 16,000 when he took office.
avenging angel
avenging angel Mark my words people and you trump ! This is just the beginning ,it will be even worse in 2019 ! ! That's if it don't totally crash by then ! ! !