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New Rule: The Fudge Report | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Real Time with Bill Maher — Published 2 weeks ago
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In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on Americans to take control of their health and address the growing obesity epidemic.

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Fáel an faol beag
Fáel an faol beag A US talk show host saying what needs to be said? What happened?
Tom McDonald
Tom McDonald Bill must have had a few writers absent this week.....this was a mail in.....lazy attempt at humor at the expense of the last acceptable group of people to openly mock ..... Do Not Take My Fat Santa
Sophie Hektor
Sophie Hektor I am from switzerland and went on vacation to the US this year. The biggest difference really is portion size, we learned that we had to order 1 meal and share it because otherwise it was too big. it was crazy, and ir didnt mattere where we ate, the portions where too big everywhere. and also the breakfast culture is crazy unhealthy
Natalia Martínez
Natalia Martínez Damn Corden really put this bit out of context. Although Bill made some “crude” comments, he actually has a point. I don’t agree with fat shaming people but we have to make them aware of the dangers behind obesity. I think Bill should’ve used a different word than “shaming” but if you watch the whole clip, he gets his point across.
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson Spot on Bill 🇦🇺