Former Jewel Thief Reviews Famous Heist Movies, From ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ to ‘Heat’ - Vidozee

Former Jewel Thief Reviews Famous Heist Movies, From ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ to ‘Heat’
Vanity Fair — Published 4 weeks ago
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Former jewel thief, Larry Lawton, reviews scenes from famous heist movies including 'Ocean's Eleven,' 'The Italian Job,' 'Heat,' 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High,' 'The Thomas Crown Affair,' 'Come Hell or High Water,' and 'Snatch' and analyzes their probability, craft, and execution.

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Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton This is Larry Lawton, I want to set the record straight. I never ratted. To this day, I believe a person's word should mean something. I am not condoning crime in any way. As the only ex-con to ever be sworn-in as an Honorary Police Officer and only ex-con to ever be recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress I want to show people that anyone can change. Everyone does change. To get the full story on robberies, prison abuse and rehabilitation, get my book Gangster Redemption. Go to it is a wild ride. Stay tuned for more.
Peter Swarts
Peter Swarts How much money did you make off’ your career when you were a robber

Hi Im Jill
Hi Im Jill Criminals: Write that down! Write that down!!!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover kind sir my question is how dafuq do you sell a million dollar diamond after you rob it..... do you have to rob the certificate as well ect
Prodigy Elite
Prodigy Elite Man be teaching us how to rob 😂😂😂