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Pixel 3 XL vs Note 9 - The ULTIMATE Camera Comparison!
ZONEofTECH — Published 1 year ago
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Google Pixel 3 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - In-Depth Camera Review!
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Bako Kocher
Bako Kocher Note 9 batter
JosΓ© luis De la cruz
JosΓ© luis De la cruz I can't apologize for your hair πŸ˜‚
Jessy-James Riverin-Quessy
Jessy-James Riverin-Quessy why your pixel 3 xl looks way worst than mine?
Martin Ivanovski
Martin Ivanovski Wow this was a real battle of the titans, the two best flagship cameras of 2018 head to head and honestly it's hard to decide which one is better.
Note 9 has less noise, better video recording on both front and rear cameras, better night recording, better colors, better Panorama, nicer blacks and it has a waaay better audio recording. I was shocked how bad it was on the Pixel 3.
The Pixel 3 on the other hand had better selfie shots, better exposure, better flash photography, more detailed daylight photography(only in some instances though)and sharper detailing on portrait photos.
Everywhere else they were trading blows backwards and forwards, some was better in one thing, the other was better in something else.
One thing is clear though, the Pixel 3 isn't as godlike as many people praised it, the Note 9 in many aspects was better than the Pixel 3 and some would argue that the Note 9 has the better camera. It's hard to decide really, each phone has it's good and bad sides but the gap was minimal and it comes to personal preference.
PS. I'm a Note 9 owner
carphuntingod Since this was published...have either/both phones received significant updates that alter any of what we've seen here? I mainly use my phones cameras for low-light pics and vids in woods.... and the Note 9 here seems to have the edge.