Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show - Vidozee

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah — Published 4 months ago
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Indicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is found dead in jail of an apparent suicide, spurring conspiracy theories and a conversation about problems with the U.S. prison system.

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Rfldore Krielieupson
Rfldore Krielieupson I can understand suicide in prison, but in a jail awaiting trial...
Who's to say he wouldn't have gotten lucky again, house arrest doing or only 5-7 years. That is the actual problem with the prison system, far more common than suicides in prison or jail.
Nope this guy doesn't wait for shit, he pays the guards to knock out the cameras and look the other way while he goes... Urrghh click!
Despite him having an ass-load of money, you would think even a pleb would at least wait to see what the outcome of the trial is... Like Epstein did last time...
Trevor's stupid face peering out of pedophiles pockets doesn't even look as ridiculous as this situation.
All it would take is for Trump to lie and say that. "I was on the lolita express hundreds of times, I know allot about it... Allot more than Bill Clinton" and it wouldn't take long for this show to change their stance, especially after impeachment fails.
Nice one Noah... When the actual comedy is in the comment section then you know its time to disappear into the underground British comedy scene.
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown There is no way he killed himself. Not one. I'm not going to start pointing fingers at who did it, bc frankly, a lot of people had enough motive, but the facts don't add up. Everything was too convenient. This goes beyond politics. Pedophilia is not a one party issue.
Tammie Rice
Tammie Rice Prince Andrew had a reason to want him dead. English problems seem to disappear, Diania?
Tammie Rice
Tammie Rice Simple he's a waste of space
ExtremeRecluse They convicted the employees of the prison system. They insured there families would be taken care of though.