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Nokia 7.1 Impressions: Best Android phone for $350? [Android One] - Vidozee

Nokia 7.1 Impressions: Best Android phone for $350? [Android One]
Android Central — Published 9 months ago
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Nokia's latest Android One has dual cameras, solid build quality and an impending update to Android 9 Pie! More:

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Cryoman196 As of February 2019 the 4Gb RAM/64Gb Storage is still nowhere to be found here in the UK. Same applies to the Steel/Copper finish (not so much of a deal-breaker though). That lower spec makes it a lot less of a good deal for us. I really don't know why they are trying to sell us short - maybe its a Brexit thing? Anyway, the current UK spec of 3Gb RAM/32Gb Storage make it only a so-so deal instead of a brilliant buy. Real pity, 'cos it is a beautiful handset with a real premium feel.
David At same price seen the poco f1 have better hardware, but I did not like mi UI and Chinese phone like put a lot junke app in the phone, and plus with cheap plastic case back is the reason I don't get the f1, so I still order 7.1.
Zachary Borrison
Zachary Borrison Will the Nokia 7.1 work on Verizon?
Assaf Clean android design is ugly , I prefer miui
Nhung Bui
Nhung Bui Does the phone have the option to hide to notch?