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China's uphill struggle fighting extreme poverty - BBC News - Vidozee

China's uphill struggle fighting extreme poverty - BBC News
BBC News — Published 1 year ago
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The country has radical plans to meet President Xi Jinping's huge promise to lift 43 million people out of extreme poverty in three years.

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Victor Palmer
Victor Palmer Disclaimer:

The ideas that I am discussing are not mine, but I use these ideas of Mr. Neely Fuller Junior to generate discussions about people relations on racial lines in the people activities areas of politics, labour, education, economics, religion, entertainment, law, sex, and counter war.

“If you don’t understand White Supremacy (Racism) - what it is, and how it works - everything else that you understand will only confuse you.”
Neely Fuller Junior ©1971

That was an excerpt from the author’s book Mr. Neely Fuller Junior.

The United Independent Compensatory Code / System / Concept.

A Compensatory Counter Racist Code
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A Textbook/ Workbook For Thought, Speech and Action For Victims of White Supremacy (Racism). 
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a9udn9u It was always uphill battles we've fought, but I believe it's going to be accomplished. Fortunately the CCP gets shit done.
Scapegoat Jesus Jonny I get vertigo just getting into my bed my god these are tough people god bless them🐼🐇🍻
Szilvia Lakatos
Szilvia Lakatos 😮 I’m scared of heights anyways but watching this it made me cringe seeing small children travelling up their like that’s scary and crazy
Eloy Antonio roa sanchez
Eloy Antonio roa sanchez Judging from all the social work the Chinese government is doing for China and the Chinese people, the Chinese leader and president of China is leading the whole country of China and its people into economic world prosperity. It does not matter if a government call itself communist, or capitalist as long as the government leaders are leading their countries with honesty, integrity, transparency and corruption free into economic prosperity and as long as the government is for the people, by the people and with the people, that government, that country and its people as a whole unit are bound for economic growth, economic expansion, economic prosperity, a substantial reduction of poverty, a substantial reduction of inflation, a substantial reduction of unemployment, a substantial reduction of crime, a substantial improvement in education, a substantial improve in quantity of the standard of living, a great country in which its citizens don't have to migrate to other countries in search of a better standard of living with a world class GDP and that is China and its people a the present time, a positive communism in modern times . I am a capitalist minded individual and capitalist country with mega corruption at the hands of its leaders and at the hands of its people leads to negative in extreme Cuban style communism like the one in Venezuela.
Antonio, the 18 wheeler