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Girls Chose ISIS Over London | The New York Times - Vidozee

Girls Chose ISIS Over London | The New York Times
The New York Times — Published 4 years ago
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A look into the world of three teenage girls who abandoned their lives in London to join the Islamic State.

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Produced by: Mona El-Naggar and Ben Laffin

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The Falcon
The Falcon That is not by choice they do as the men tell them to.
HYUNJINisAUSSIE FightMe 4:17 that guy is straight up rude. That way of teaching is not the 'islamic way'. It is in the Quran that people have freedom of religion and regardless of creed, color, race, religion etc, everyone will be treated equally. In Islam, it says that you can't hurt anyone (unless it's proven on a judicial level) and ISIS is clearly not following the 'Islamic way'.
Why can't no one see that.

But women are not given that much freedom, which is sad.
HYUNJINisAUSSIE FightMe 2:40 wait, that's not what it says. It's wrong.
Kummakummakummakummakummachameleon They are victims because they have vaginas.
Madhuri Raturi
Madhuri Raturi What a waste of British resources