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Inside The Lives Of Dubai's Royal Family - Vidozee

Inside The Lives Of Dubai's Royal Family
TheTalko — Published 7 months ago
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Everything You Need To Know About Dubai's Royal Family Secrets
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Dubai is a region that is rich with culture, but you might be shocked to know that the history of this region doesn’t span many centuries. However, there is one family who can take all the credit for putting this world epicenter on the map: the Al Maktoum’s. In this video, we’re going to sha...

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Kitty Kia
Kitty Kia Merry Christmas everyone!!😊💕
Michael Schuller
Michael Schuller I have to admit she is cute.
Michael Schuller
Michael Schuller I wonder ih sheikhmohammed realizes how ridiculous he looks wearing the british hat trying to look like the whiteman with that stupid looking beard. He actually thinks he looks british by that stupid looking british outfit. It reminds me of a camel dressed like a tiger.
Mezza 2019 this sunday the voice on this channel will change
Liz H
Liz H Can we get some info on Fazza's wife he just married.