The Most Uncomfortable 90 Day Fiancé Moments Ever - Vidozee

The Most Uncomfortable 90 Day Fiancé Moments Ever
The List — Published 4 months ago
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TLC's 90 Day Fiancé has quickly grown from a reality show to a TV empire with a whopping five spin-offs. But while the show is packed with arguments and breakups, some of the most memorable scenes from the franchise are simply cringe-worthy.

Season 4 introduced fans to Chantel and her Dominican fiancé, Pedro.

The two seemed to be genuinely in love, but, in true Romeo and Juliet fashion, their fami...

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The List
The List Which 90 Day Fiancé moment do you find most cringe-worthy?
Renea Salina
Renea Salina Almost there lazy 😂😂😂😂😂
Samanthareneealexis Leida gets angry Eric is taking care of his own kids he fathered, but expects him to support her son from a previous relationship so much so, to kick his own daughter out and give the soon to be step-son his own room. WHAT
Jon Smith
Jon Smith How does that fat bastard Fernando get one woman let alone two and one is way too hot for him. And his second trimester belly.
rVnsunshine Azan is a fucking idiot. If someone doesn’t have the tolerance for something, telling them to suck it up and stop being lazy is not the soln. Literally it does nothing but make you look like an asshole. And hurt someone you love. She doesn’t deserve him- she deserves WAY better 🥰
Also, I can see he wanted to “share interests” but you can be encouraging and fun about it if you really want that. Asshole.