A Reminder to Our Government That White Supremacist Violence is Terrorism | Full Frontal on TBS - Vidozee

A Reminder to Our Government That White Supremacist Violence is Terrorism | Full Frontal on TBS
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee — Published 4 months ago
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With violence perpetrated by white supremacists on the rise, it's high time for the government to call it by its name: domestic terrorism.

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Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov If your goal is to commit acts of terror in order to push some kind of agenda, you’re a terrorist. I’m a Pittsburgher (and half-Jewish), so the attack on a synagogue last year hit close to home.

Protest all you want, but if your protest involves violence, you’re a terrorist. Arguments like “it’s the only thing people understand” just prove you’re not interested in peaceful means.

Fox was quick to claim offense when someone called white supremacists calling for Obama’s death domestic terrorists, stating that all right-wingers were being labeled as such. No, only those who made threats against a presidential candidate for merely having different complexion were called domestic terrorists. I’m sure there are plenty of decent conservatives, not all of them are extremists who form anti-government militias and prepare for a nonexistent war.
Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov Isn’t Obama half-white? Or are we using the “one drop” rule?
Daniel James Westman
Daniel James Westman The #WhiteSupremacist #Terrorism Has It Roots Not In The #1990s,It Began In Early #1980s With The #Election of #RonaldReagan,#BolognaMassacre,#OktoberfestBombing,#Early,#1980s #Recrecession,#RobertJayMathews And #TheOrder.
Jason Lucifer
Jason Lucifer It all depends on the act of violence and their reason behind it. A white supremacist serial killer isn't a domestic terrorist no matter how hard you want them to be called that. Many killers don't even want their kills to be descovered.
Many of these shooters are bought and paid for so in truth you don't at all know their true agenda. Engineered to help erode and destroy the Bill Of Rights.
Bobby Collins
Bobby Collins i did not know that obama is black.. i thought his mother's race is white...and that his father is black!
this then does not make obama black... basic math!